Stop Asian Hate

At the March 23rd Township Council meeting, Councilmember Gabrielle Cahill (At-Large) denounced the scourge of violence being committed against Asian Americans:

"This past week we saw another rampage of hate, this time in Atlanta where Asian Americans were sought out and slaughtered.

"The scourge of intolerance, so prevalent in our nation, must be countered wherever it exists.

"Our fellow Americans, those of Asian descent, are being maligned.  They are being marginalized.  They are being brutalized.

"While there is peacefulness in our Township between neighbors, many residents are in great dismay at the images seen on the nightly news.

"In my own family I have two nieces of Asian descent.  One is attending college and I fear for her safety.  These acts of hate and violence must stop.

"While we know that the past administration fueled the flames of hate, we in Piscataway will continue to coexist as America should.  We represent what the dream of America is.  We are a melting pot; we respect one another and we understand the value of diversity. 

"In early March, a week before the Atlanta shootings, the Township reached out to the National Council of Asian Pacific Islanders.  We want to listen.  We want to help.  With our Piscataway Civil Rights Advisory Commission, we are looking for ways to be proactive.

"Very sadly, the Atlanta shootings happened.  We then reached out to the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council.

"While these national groups are very busy right now, I hope that we can engage with them soon.

"In the meantime, I want all residents of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to know that your Mayor, Town Council and entire Township supports you.  You are our friends and neighbors.

"I also want all residents to know that Piscataway will continue to be a diverse and wonderful town.  This will take vigilance.  This will take all of us looking out for each other – and we will.  We will continue to be a home for everyone.  We will continue to speak out against hate."