• Cablecast Request
  • Community Bulletin Board Form - Non-profit groups, organizations, and government entities are invited to make use of the bulletin board, free of charge, to promote themselves, their events, programs and news.
  • Program Proposal - Independent TV producers are allowed to use our equipment and studio facilities to produce their own programs. Anyone interested in producing a show using the PCTV facilities must complete this form.
    • The fee to use this equipment is based on what equipment is used and for how long. The cost to produce the proposed program will be determined prior to taping based on the information supplied in the Program Proposal.
  • Program Sponsorship Guidelines - Once a program proposal has been reviewed and approved, the producer will receive the approval as well as an itemized estimate of the cost to produce the program. At that point, the individual producer or organization has the option to either A) pay this fee out of their own funds, or B) seek outside sponsorships. 
  • Producer Agreement and Indemnification