Frequently Asked Questions

What is business hours of the Police Station?

If I need to ask a Police related non-emergency question, who do I call?

How can I report a crime or incident?

How do I notify the Police when I will be on vacation, and that I'd like a periodic check of my residence?

How do I get a handicap parking permit?

How do I obtain a copy of my traffic accident report?

What is a government record?

What government records are accessible to the public?

How do I obtain government records?

Who do I contact for questions regarding property taken as evidence or property that was recovered?

Who do I contact about questions on a Traffic Accident report?

How do I get a police officer as speaker/presenter for my group/organization?

Who do I contact about the release of a towed vehicle?

Who do I contact about involvement with community programs?

Who do I contact for paying Piscataway traffic ticket?

Who do I call to report animal related problems?