Planning & Logistics Section

Planning & Logistics Section - Lt. Raymond Pilch, (732) 562-2366,

The Planning & Logistics Section supports the police department’s overall mission by providing members with well-maintained equipment, along with auxiliary services that may assist in the delivery of the highest quality police services.

With today’s ever growing technological advances, the service section’s primary responsibility includes implementing and maintaining all of the computer systems, equipment in police headquarters and in the police vehicles.  These include NJCJIS/NCIC, Records Management System, Mobile Data Terminals, in-house networking, exchange server management and radio system management.

In addition, the section is also responsible for fleet management; weapons, equipment, supply, inventory control and management of extra duty details for police officers.

This section also is responsible for our Special Law Enforcement Class I & II Officers.

For the hiring of Police Officers for traffic or security related details, please contact Ms. Nanci Sawicki at (732) 562-2348.