September 11th commemoration

Wahler 09.11.21 1

Mayor Brian C. Wahler gave the following speech at the Piscataway Elks Lodge #2414 annual 9/11 commemoration ceremony alongside Senator Bob Smith, Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, Middlesex County Commissioner Chanelle Scott McCullum and Township Councilmembers:

Thank you.  Thank you to all of you here today.

Some of you may be here to remember the lives lost that tragic day two decades ago.

Some may be here for those lost in the days, months and years after from exposure at Ground Zero.

Some may be here in respect for the first responders – their duty, their honor and their loss.

Some may be here for those who were in the military or joined in the hectic days that followed the attack.

All of us here though know that the victims, the first responders and the servicemembers, have families.  They have friends.

The lives affected by that day are perhaps too numerous to count.

Some of you may be among those I named.  To you, our hearts go out to you.

You are our fellow Americans and you have sacrificed.

Twenty years have elapsed since that fateful day.  Yet to many, the pain is still deep.  To all, the loss is always profound.

Now among us are many young Americans who knew no time before 9-11.

Our world changed that day.  To those born after, they never knew a country that seemed safe from such an assault.

But today, we are together.  We mourn and we remember.

Let us continue to stand together as one community and one country.

Thank you.

Wahler 09.11.21 2

Mayor Wahler lights a candle at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony alongside Senator Smith and Assemblymember Danielsen.