Piscataway Hits a Triple to Save Taxpayers

For third year in a row, Piscataway Township has a 12.8 percent lower municipal tax rate

March 10, 2020 – With wise stewardship of hard-earned tax dollars and bringing in new businesses to Piscataway, Mayor Brian C. Wahler and the Township Council were pleased to present this evening another budget with a lower municipal tax rate.  This good news comes just months after Money Magazine placed Piscataway Township on its prestigious 2019 Best Places to Live in America list, ranking the central New Jersey community as #68 on its Top 100 list.

“The financial well-being of a community comes through economic development,” Mayor Brian C. Wahler said.  “I am thrilled that our long-standing efforts to attract new companies to our community continue to pay dividends to Piscataway residents.”

Two years ago, Piscataway Township was able to lower its tax rate by 12.8 percent.  Last year and now this year, municipal budgets will maintain this lower tax rate.  This has occurred against the backdrop of no increase in state aid to municipal governments for eleven years.

The $76 million budget for the next fiscal year is put forward while the Township is building the $32 million YMCA at the Piscataway Community Center with no residents’ tax monies and maintaining an “AA+ stable” bond rating with Standard & Poor’s.  Meanwhile, property values have grown throughout the Township.

“The quality of life in our community will continue to blossom,” Mayor Wahler said, “and the Township Council and I will continue to make the smart decisions that enable Piscataway residents to have a more secure financial future for their families.”