Piscataway Officials Renew Calls For Gun Reform

March 23, 2021 – In the daybreak after another senseless loss of life from gun violence, Piscataway Township officials renew their calls on Congress to pass significant and overdue reforms to our federal firearms laws.

“The U.S. Senate should have already taken up the House-passed background check legislation and Congress should continue to make meaningful changes to our gun laws that can prevent these horrific tragedies from continuing,” Mayor Brian C. Wahler said.

Township officials have a long history of advocating for gun reform and having a proactive municipal code to help prevent violence.  In 2018, the Piscataway Township Council passed an ordinance considered the first of its kind in New Jersey, prohibiting the retail sale of firearms or ammunition within 1,000 feet of sensitive locations.  The ordinance was authored by Ward 3 Councilmember Steven D. Cahn, an attorney and former U.S. Marine captain.  Under the measure, retail sales are banned near schools, day care sites, college campuses, medical facilities, bars, parks, places of worship and similar sites.

“We should continue to act locally but the patchwork of rules across the country with other states having very lax gun laws leave gaping loopholes that put every community across our nation at continued risk,” Councilmember Cahn said.

Cahn’s initiative complemented six state bills signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy that also help stem the tide of gun violence in our state.

Township officials also commend our own U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., long a champion of proactive gun reform measures who spoke at a May 2018 press conference in Piscataway on this topic alongside Senator Bob Smith and Bill Castner serving as Governor Murphy’s Senior Advisor on Firearms.