Public Works

Welcome to the Piscataway Township Department of Public Works (DPW), where we're dedicated to keeping our town safe, clean, and beautiful! As the custodians of Piscataway, the DPW is responsible for maintaining and improving the infrastructure that makes our community thrive. We administer services and programs, some of which include snow removal, lead collection, roadway repairs, parks maintenance, traffic signs and signals, bulk trash pick up, and various other related functions. Employees staff our Mini-Dump as well, so be sure to say hello during your next visit!

The DPW also performs many proactive administrative duties required for the preparation, execution, and implementation of specifications and bid proposals for contracts that include but are not limited to the installation and repair of curb, sidewalk as part of road rebuilding, sanitary sewer storm sewer improvements, the maintenance of public lawns and landscaping and milling and paving roadways. This Department also oversees and administers the progress, quality control and payment schedules for these contracts.

There are six (6) divisions within the Department of Public Works:

The DPW is also responsible for the Piscataway Township Service Cards, which are needed to access certain services within the Township, including curbside bulk pick-ups, leaf bags, bulk drop-offs, branch pick-ups, and grass disposal. Please call the DPW at (732) 562-2390 or email for any questions or concerns regarding your Service Card. 

Service Card entire image

At the DPW, we take pride in serving the people of Piscataway. Our goal is simple: to make our community a better place to live, work, and play. So, the next time you see us out and about, know that we're here for you, working quietly behind the scenes to keep Piscataway running smoothly.

Guy Gaspari
Director of the Department of Public Works