Superior Court Judge rules in favor of Township in Land Use Case

Township successfully defends its decision to deny high-density housing

On a large parcel of privately owned land on S. Washington Avenue south of Centennial Avenue and north of Metlars Lane, Piscataway Township denied a builder’s plan to construct nearly 300 condos as well as over 103,000 square feet of retail/commercial space which would have placed a strain on Piscataway roads and the school system.  After suing the Township to obtain his approvals for the high-density housing, the builder then changed his plans and proposed a logistics center which would bring revenue to Piscataway and good paying jobs to hard working residents.  While the logistics center plans fit within the existing zoning code, the Township was able to require measures to mitigate the impact of the center on the nearby school.

A group of local residents including Piscataway School Board President Shantell Cherry and former Board Members Ralph Johnson and Zoe Scotto then filed a lawsuit against the Township and Planning Board.  The three current and former School Board members joined the lawsuit even though the School Board approved and has been operating a pre-K program near a pre-existing logistics center and other commercial properties.

In an overwhelming victory for Piscataway residents earlier this week, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge ruled against the politically motivated lawsuit and dismissed the matter in its entirety.  The Judge determined that the Township and the Planning Board’s actions were proper and in compliance with the Township’s 2005 Master Plan.

“The ruling is a victory for good planning, stable taxes, prosperity for residents and a thriving Piscataway,” Mayor Brian C. Wahler said.  “Sadly, the Township was forced to spend hard earned tax dollars defending our residents against the machinations of this frivolous lawsuit.  Nevertheless, the ruling was clear and Piscataway can continue to move forward.”

A copy of the Judge’s Order can be found by clicking here.